• IronMouth’s Cryptograms

    IronMouth’s Cryptograms

    Simple substitution, Playfair and Vigenere cryptograms are available here in printable-only format. Some cryptograms will include additional complexity (such as removing regular spacing between words)....

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  • Between Waters Daily Cryptogram

    Between Waters Daily Cryptogram

    Offers a daily cryptogram in both printable and online-solvable format. Fairly bare-bones, but it works with relatively few keystrokes, and it does the job. Several...

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  • Cryptograms Weekly

    Cryptograms Weekly

    No online solver here, but 10 themed cryptograms are provided every week for users to print and solve the old-fashioned way (some clues are provided if you get stuck). They also offer books of...

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  • Teppo.tv Cryptogram Game

    Teppo.tv Cryptogram Game

    A simple flash cryptogram game which relies on a numerical cipher instead of an alphabetical one. One or more words are left unciphered at the beginning to help you get started. Also allows...

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  • Cryptograma


    Cryptograma is a bit different in two respects – it’s bilingual (Spanish and English versions are provided) and it uses a symbol-cipher instead of the usual alphabetic-cipher. Flash required.

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  • American Cryptogram Association

    American Cryptogram Association

    The American Cryptogram Association, or the ACA, is a non-profit organization devoted to cryptograms, ciphers and cryptanalysis. They also provide an online cryptogram game on...

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  • Cryptogram Corner

    Cryptogram Corner

    One of the longer-lived cryptogram sites, Cryptogram Corner offers a brand-new cryptogram each and every day. The software mechanism is a bit clunky, but it works fast and remains popular.

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