Acrostics Archive

  • Quote Acrostics

    Quote Acrostics

    Offers two sample (print offline only) acrostic puzzles, with the option to purchase groups of eight puzzles for $2.00 each.
  • Printable Acrostic Puzzles

    Printable Acrostic Puzzles

    High-resolution, print-quality PDF acrostic puzzles suitable for printing and solving with pencil and paper. Two new acrostic puzzles are added each day. Hints and solutions available for all puzzles via the web site.
  • Metacrostics


    Arthur Bloch adds a new twist to an old favorite – instead of “crossword type” clues, the clues here are four-line rhyming poems. (Regular “backup clues” are provided in case you get stuck.)
  • Sue Gleason’s Double Crostics

    Sue Gleason’s Double Crostics

    Though the site pushes a pay-to-play membership, there are a handful of free “guest” double crostic puzzles to play here, using a custom java applet.
  • Crauswords Acrostic Puzzle

    Crauswords Acrostic Puzzle

    Offers what appears to be just one online-solvable puzzle, via a java applet. The solving interface works well, though it can be a bit cramped. Hints available if you get stuck.

    More like mini-acrostics, these are shorter than normal acrostic puzzles and don’t include the author/source in the first letter of every clue. Competitive play available via free registration.